RCKLog  v.3 24

RCKLog for Windows incorporates many advanced features that create the ultimate contesting tool for novice and expert alike. It is a powerful contest logging program for every ham, from single-operator to multi-multi.

MiLog  v.10 5

miLog is a Highly integrated Logging, DXing, Contesting and Station Control Software. Main features: Easy user interface provides for easy, intuitive data entry and automatically enters date, time, frequency and mode.


RYLogit  v.

RYLogit is an amateur Radio Log Program made for general purpose and contesting. Features: - Scoring function for the IBM QSO Party with unique export format.

FKeys  v.3 6

FKeys is an 'add-in' to WriteLog and is a wonderful contest logging program. FKeys attempts to make contesting easier for mouse loving, memory challenged people. It is easy to install and easy to manipulate. It has a very simple interface.

Speeding Ticket Defense  v.1.0

This ebook reveals a well kept secret of contesting California speeding ticket online without the need of hiring an attorney or going to court,

CaliforniaTrafficTicketFixer  v.2.0

This ebook reveals a well kept secret of contesting California traffic ticket without hiring an attorney or going to court,

DX4WIN  v.

DX4WIN is an easy to use, yet powerful logging program for every ham. Main features: - Support for DXCC, WAS, WAZ, WPX, County, IOTA, VUCC & CQ DX Field (mixed, mode and band) .

NAOMI  v.1 2

NAOMI, the North American Overlay Mapper, is a suite of 49 full screen overlay-maps, covering North America. Packed full of Features, NAOMI is an important new tool for all aspects of Amateur Radio in North America.

VQLog  v.

VQLog is a shareware log-book program for Windows specially intended for HF or VHF-DX'ers and Satellite enthusiasts, and it is fully usable for ALL amateur bands from 0 KHz to 99 GHz !!.

Logger32  v.3.39.0

Logger32 is a 32-bit Amateur Radio logging software written by Bob Furzer, K4CY. Bob is also the author of Zakanaka, and a 16-bit version of Logger. A simple to use logbook for radio beginners from all around the world.

Ham's Actor - software for radio hams  v.2

Ham's Actor is a software for radio hams.

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